Creative Questions


1. Brainstorm a list of at least 12 questions about the artwork or topic. Use these question-starts to help you think of interesting questions:

  • Why…?
  • What are the reasons…? What if…?
  • What is the purpose of…? How would it be different if… ? Suppose that…?
  • What if we knew…? What would change if…?

2. Review your brainstormed list and star the questions that seem most interesting. Then, select one of the starred questions and discuss it for a few moments. (If you have the time, you can discuss more than one question.)

3. Reflect: What new ideas do you have about the artwork or topic that you didn’t have before?

WHAT KIND OF THINKING DOES THIS ROUTINE ENCOURAGE? This routine stimulates and sustains curiosity and helps students discover the complexity of an artwork or topic.

WHEN AND WHERE CAN IT BE USED? Use it when you want students to develop good questions, when you want them to get beyond questions of information and see that something has many dimensions or layers.