Circle of Viewpoints


1. Brainstorm a list of different perspectives.

2. Choose one perspective to explore, using these sentence-starters:

  • I am thinking of…the topic … from the viewpoint of…the viewpoint you’ve chosen
  • I think…describe the topic from your viewpoint. Be an actor–take on the character of your viewpoint
  • A question I have from this viewpoint is…ask a question from this viewpoint

WHAT KIND OF THINKING DOES THIS ROUTINE ENCOURAGE? This routine helps students see and explore multiple perspectives. It helps them understand that different people can have different kinds of connections to the same thing, and that these different connections influence what people see and think.

WHEN AND WHERE CAN IT BE USED? The routine works well with topics and artworks that deal with complex issues. It also works well when students are having a hard time seeing other perspectives or when things seem like there are only two sides to an issue. The routine can be used to open discussions about dilemmas and other controversial issues.