Step Inside

“Perceive, know, care about”


Choose a person, object or element in an image or work of art, and step inside that point of view. Consider:

What can the person/thing perceive and feel? What might the person/thing know about or

What might the person/thing care about?

Take on the character of the thing you’ve chosen and improvise a monologue. Speaking in the first person, talk about who/what you are and what you are experiencing.

WHAT KIND OF THINKING DOES THIS ROUTINE ENCOURAGE? This routine encourages perspective-taking and close looking through projection, a technique in which students project a persona into a person or thing in order to explore ideas from a new viewpoint.

WHEN AND WHERE CAN IT BE USED? Use the routine when you want students to see beyond the surface story and explore different viewpoints. Use it when you want to help students bring abstract concepts, pictures, or events to life. Because the routine involves empathic thinking, use it when you want students to make a personal connection to a topic.